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How To Play

L2Shannara How To Play

To play here simply create an account with Account Manaer , download our System Folder and replace the original one. You need an H5 Part5 Client.Run the game form L2.exe in our System Folder.

Account Manager : Link

System Folder : Link

Lineage 2 High 5 Part 5 : Link

SERVER IS LIVE FROM : 29-01-2018 21.30 +1

L2 Shannara Latest NEWS

News: Here You can read latest news get more informations on our Facebook Group, link on Contacts. NEW NPC DR.Shannara ! Meet him in Giran and he will give you lvl 76 !! Forum is now Working.Soon Dr.Shannara will give you more bonus ! Back here and soon you will have more informations. L2 Shannara Admin

L2Shannara Rules

Before creating your account on our site, it is essential that you as a user understand that this is a FREE AND PRIVATE SERVER, private property with no contract or contractor. When creating your account, realize that you are not a customer who is buying a product or a service, but a USER that is creating an account on a private server. By sending donations to help the server, will not bring any benefits such as priority service or require an administrator to perform any task requested by you. ADMINISTRATORS OF THE SITE, ARE PROVIDING SERVICES AVAILABLE AS FAVOR TO YOUR PERSON AND NOT FULFILLING OBLIGATIONS. Also they are not responsible for user names and passwords registered. Responsibility for login, password, items, security of your account, spending on electricity, internet access, times in Lan House, etc., is EXCLUSIVELY YOUR. Understand that you creating your account not by right but as a privilege that may be revoked by an administrator. If you do not agree to the above terms we ask that you please close this site and do not create your account. When creating your account on this site you automatically agree to all the RULES written on this full page. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Administrators and Game Masters will NEVER ask you for your password by any type of contact (Eg: SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, email, etc.) or any other type of communication that may arise in the future.

Server INFO

Rates: XP: x10 - SP: x10 - Adena: x15 - Drop/Spoil: x20 Automatic events: Capture the Flag, Death Match, Korean Style, Treasure hunter, Last Man and others. CUSTOM FARMING: Vote coins you can acquire by votin in the server. Festival Event in the automatic events. Custom Features: Global Gatekeeper. Free Buffs 2 hours. Purchase items up to S grade using only regular Adena. Party search system (For farm / Boss / etc). Job Exchange and Free subclass. You will need to do the Noblesse quest in order to acquire the Noblesse status. Drop Calculator + Inf. Items + Inf. Mob. You can just Shift + Click on the mobs to check the drops on real time. Rank system for PvP, PK, Boss Killed, Big Boss Killed, Events, etc... A specific rank for each and a single rank which is a summary of points and creates monthly "best player from server." Friend List Manager and Clans. Vote system with rewards. Character control system and server information: Enable and Disable functions related to the character by using .menu command Donations: You CANNOT purchase enhanced items or scrolls of enchant with 100% success chance through donations. You CANNOT purchase any item through donation system other than those available in the Premium tab via ALT + B. You CANNOT purchase BOSS JEWELS (ONLY IN DROPS). Automatic Potions: On the consumables area in the community board (Alt + B). HP and MP Potions are used automatically as needed character. Just press ctrl + click. Learning skills: By raising the level of your character, the skills will be learned automatically Off Line Shop By ingame command or Control panel. Boss Respawn time: Use the ALT + B to check the respawn. In addition to that panel, for every Raid Boss that is about to respawn, there will be an announce on the center of your screen warning you which boss has just spawned. Other information: Buffs: - NPC Buffer ALT+B (Scheme Buffer) - Buff slots: 28 + 4 slots (Divine Inspiration - Total of 32) - Song / Music limit = 14 - Debuff Limit = 8 - Trigger Limit = 12 - Buff time: 2 hours. Features: - Gm Shop - Exclusive Shop - Global GK - Vote Manager - Top Players with Stats - Main town - Giran - Working all castle sieges - Private Store with offline trade shop - no quest class change - no quest sub class - Server information Community Board - No custom items - Maximum lvl for subclasses 85 - Party exp bonus (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 players) = 1.50, 1.70, 1.90, 2.10, 2.30, 2.50, 2.70, 2.90 - Vitality Rate 10x - PC Bang points shop Enabled - Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops) - Subclass: Free - Noblesse: Retail quest - Equipments [C], [B], [A], [S] on sale for adena and [S80] and [S84] Retail original farm. - BOTS .. If you want to use Bots , do it .. we dont care...

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